the american way tv

The American Way TV is a high energy outdoor adventure ride , that is also a salute to all the blue collar men and women who work hard everyday and play even harder!

Each week we will air exciting hunts , product tips as well as a Blue Collar Spotlight on a hardworking American and send out a big thank you for going to work and being the engine for our country.  From Union tradesman to American Farmers , we will find them and thank them for going to work and doing their job…because that is The American Way!

TONY walker

Tony Walker , Co host and Co producer of The American Way TV. Tony is a 2nd generation member of The International Union of Operating Engineers, a proud Veteran of the United States military and Blue Collar blood is in his DNA! His passion is the outdoors, raised in a family that hunts, fishes and traps, he’s carried on the family tradition. He truly Works to Live and Lives to Hunt...he Lives his life The American Way

ANGIE walker

Angie Walker, is co host and co producer of The American Way TV. She’s a full time accountant , as well as an avid Hunter. Chasing Whitetail’s is her passion, whether it’s with a CVA or An Xpedition bow! Raised on an 8 generation farm in Indiana , she truly is a country girl at heart!! She Works to Live , And Lives to Hunt...She lives her life The American Way!

Jeremy Severs

Staffer Jeremy Severs is from Northwest Indiana and is a member of The International Union of Operating Engineers and the father of 4 girls! Despite being a busy, loving husband father, he finds the time to pursue his passion of chasing Whitetail’s and is now passing his love of the sport to his daughters. Jeremy most definitely Lives his Life The American Way!

Mark Holliday

Staffer Mark Holliday is from Northwest Indiana and is a longtime member of The International Union of Operating Engineers. He is the longest active member of The American Way!! When Mark isn't running a crane, he is either growing deer or hunting them. He epitomizes The American Way!

Gary Bailey

Gary is a business owner and entrepreneur. He grew up in Central Indiana, and his love for the outdoors was passed to him from his father. Gary loves growing deer as much as he does hunting them and nobody works at it harder than him! He lives his Life The American Way everyday!

Audrey Severs

Junior staffer Audrey Severs is an apple that didn’t fall from the tree, she’s following in her father Jeremy Severs footsteps. She is showing everyone hunting has a bright future!

Kevin Rainford

Staffer Kevin Rainford is a 2nd generation IUOE Local 150 operating engineer from Northwest Indiana . He’s an original staffer of The American Way TV , going back many years !! When Kevin isn’t working to Keep US Steel running you can find him in the woods !!