The American Way TV is a complete, high energy adventure ride, that is home to all you working class, blue-collar outdoor junkies!  We look forward to sharing these adventures with folks like you in America’s great outdoors.

Join the American Way hosts, Tony & Angie Walker weekly in  a high energy outdoor adventure ride , that is also a salute to all the blue collar men and women who work hard everyday and play even harder !!!

Each week we will air exciting hunts , product tips as well as a Blue Collar Spotlight on a hardworking American and send out a big thank you for going to work and being the engine for our country !!! From Union tradesman to American Farmers , we will find them and thank them for going to work and doing thier job …. Because that is The American Way !!!!

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January – June | Mon 9:30pm,  Mon 12:30am, Thurs 10:30pm EST

July – December | Mon 9:30pm, Sun 9:00am, Thurs 11:00am EST




The American Way TV pays tribute to hard working American men & women on a weekly basis!  Each week in our show, we spotlight a hard working American who gets up each day, puts on their boots, and provides for their family, living life the American Way! 

Blue Collar Spotlight



Choose a hard-working person close to you, share some photos and a story about how he or she lives the American Way each and every day!  Just fill out the form, share your story, and be featured on the American Way TV show!     

Chosen spotlight nominees often receive great gear donated by our partners!  Work boots, American Flag Hard Hat’s, and more!